Healthcare information system characterstics and needs | Healthcare Informatics | Capella University

In your Unit 6 assignment, you analyzed the Vila Health settings and the health information systems of the various hospitals it acquired. Now that you have already made your decision on whether or not to integrate systems, you have been asked to support that decision within the larger context of the external environment. The COO would like a 5–6 page analysis of the current health informatics external environment and a rationale for how your decisions for the hospital’s health information systems fit into this environment. Be sure to include the unique needs of each hospital.

Assignment Instructions

Refer to the unit studies (including the Vila Health: HIS System Characteristics and Needs challenge, linked in Resouces) and your Unit 6 assignment, and write a 5–6 page analysis, in which you will:

  • Analyze the current health care information technology environment.
  • Analyze how the Vila Health hospitals fit into the health care technology environment.
  • Differentiate the specific, unique needs of each hospital.
  • Support decisions and recommendations using current trends and best practices from the literature.

Make sure you write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, and correctly format the paper and citations using current APA style.

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Be sure to review the Vila Health: HIS System Characteristics and Needs Scoring Guide to understand how your assignment will be graded. Submit your completed analysis as an attachment to this assignment.


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