Hima460 healthcare data management and governance assignment: data | HIMA 460: Healthcare management and g | American Military University

 Assignment Instructions As the Director of Health Information for a large health system, you have been asked to analyze data sets, secondary data sources, and archival methods through the application of health informatics techniques. The CEO and Board of Directors has asked you to propose a plan to implement across the organization and recommend best practices. 

Please follow the instructions below to complete this assignment. 

1. Apply your knowledge of database querying, exploration and mining techniques to facilitate information retrieval, to create an outline of key components and factors for a data standardization plan.

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2. Investigate at least five (5) key challenges related to data sources and data dictionary composition, to meet the needs of a health system. Determine the importance of each challenge and its significance. 

3. Investigate at least five (5) key challenges with data file structures (i.e., data definitions, data modeling, data warehousing, and database management systems). Determine the importance of each challenge and its significance. 

4. Compare and contrast the key challenges. Specifically address the comparisons as advantages and/or disadvantages to data standardization. 

5. Based on all the previous assignment components: a. Construct a plan to manage information as a key strategic approach and part of the information management planning process, as an asset throughout the healthcareorganization. b. Recommend at least three (3) best practices in your plan. c. Justify each recommendation.

 6.Present the information utilizing a video conferencing or recording system. Submit your plan with recommendations, and presentation recording. 

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