Hiring a Minority Recruitment

Hiring a Minority Recruitment. Hide Assignment InformationInstructions

Hiring a Minority Recruitment Director (15 pts):

Congratulations! You have been hired as Human Resources Director! One of your first critical tasks is to work with the HR staff to hire a Minority Recruitment Director. Lucky for you, you studied this exact thing when you were in college so you are up for the challenge! Read the  ! Read the Exercise on page 116 of your text, and (1) prepare a performance- oriented job description and (2) decide which person to hire ( John, Harold or Nora  and then justify your answer. Prepare your response in 200 words and paste it into the Assignment box. Attach a copy of the position description you created to defend your selection.(You will likely need to use a list of duties instead of columns for the job description so that it will post correctly in the box). Include references in APSA format.

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Hiring a Minority Recruitment

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