History essay

History essay.

If you are not pleased with your test score, you can earn up to five (5) extra credit points if you answer the following essay question in at least 500 words. Your paper must have a thesis; something you want a reader to accept based on evidence. Develop sub-points in paragraphs that support the thesis statement. Information obtained from outside sources must be re-written into your own words (NOT COPIED AND PASTED), and the source should be cited (MLA or APA format).

Quality of argument: 2 points
Mastery of historical material: 2 points
Grammar, spelling, punctuation: 1 point

Pretend you are an African slave living and working on a plantation in South Carolina. How did you become a slave? From what part of Africa did you come? Who captured you and why? How did you get to the Americas, and what specific kinds of conditions did you face on that journey? Talk about life on the plantation. What kind of work do you do? What do you do when all the work is done? Write a letter to a friend, formatted in at least three paragraphs, in which you explain your life as a slave by sharing information and experiences that answer these kinds of questions. Your letter should have some kind of argument that you support with specific evidence from the textbook and/or class discussion to talk about your experiences as a slave.

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History essay

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