History terms and short answers assignment

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Meji Restoration

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Flashpoint of Violence

Schlieffen Plan and Military Strategies to Win the War

Bismarkian Alliances

Trench Warfare

Battle of the Somme


Defense of Realm Act

Russian Revolution

Treaty of Versailles


And then answer the short answers

Short Answer

Name three important inventions of the first Industrial Revolution.

Describe the conditions of these new Industrial factories and how they affected daily life.

Why were trade unions important?

What areas was the Industrial Revolution most successful? Least successful?

List two countries that attempted liberal revolutions in 1848. Were either successful?

Which two major countries were able to unify (individually) in the 1860’s? Why is this important?

Why was England able to avoid a revolution attempt in the late 1840’s?

What was the Berlin Conference/Scramble for Africa?

Why was the north eastern corner of Egypt important to the British?

Briefly explain the differences between Japan and China’s response to the West.

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