Homework 1&2

Homework 1&2.

HW 1:

After reviewing this week’s chapters, prepare a 500-word synopsis of the legal, ethical, and social concepts and issues discussed in the chapters.  Post this synopsis to the discussion forum by Thursday at 11:59pm.

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Return to the discussion forum and review the postings of classmates.  Post a meaningful and insightful reflection (100 words) for three classmates by Sunday at 11:59pm.


Short Essay — 2 pages

Discuss the following and whether each would be a violation of Title VII.

a.Six weeks of paid leave for women upon birth of a child.b.A strength test for a city fire department that has excluded all female applicants.c.Paying female MBA hires a starting salary of $81,000 while paying male MBA hires only $75,000.

Homework 1&2

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