Hospitality and Tourism Management Discussion Questions

Answer Chapter 12 & 13 Questions. Keep your answers straight to the point. Use this link to access the textbook:

Chapter 12 Questions

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  • How can tourism aid in the preservation of societies, cultures, and natural environments?
  • What host community resources are shared by both visitors and local residents?
  • What are the major factors that determine an area’s carrying capacity?
  • How can culture be used to attract tourists?
  • What negative effects has tourism had on cultures and the natural environment?
  • How can tourism be used to benefit a culture? What are some of the cultural problems that can result from large numbers of visitors?
  • What are the potential unintended consequences of tourism?

Chapter 13 Questions

  • When can tourism be too much of a good thing?
  • What are the major principles of ecotourism?
  • Why is it important to establish standards for the use of terms such as “eco”?
  • How can hotel and resort operators create sustainable practices?
  • What benefits may be achieved by a host community through the use of ecotourism practices?
  • How can destinations move from mass tourism to sustainable tourism practices?
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