HR And Organizational Strategies An Overview Of Africa

This Final Group Project demonstrates your understanding and awareness of the concepts discussed throughout the semester related to the alignment of HR and organizational strategies. This week you will continue your research you began as a group in Week 7.

Generate a list of questions and issues and post them to the Groups area to discuss with the team in preparation for the Final Group Project presentation that is due.

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Create one PowerPoint presentation. Underneath each slide include the notes function in PowerPoint to provide additional explanation of your key points highlighted in the slides.

Your presentation must include 2–3 slides on each of the following:

  • Highlight key strategic HRM challenges in the region;
  • Describe strategic HRM opportunities in the region;
  • Recommend HRM best practices an organization should consider to achieve a competitive advantage when operating in the region your group research;
  • Identify anticipated future challenges of the region.

All work must be in APA format. Please include a reference page. I will attach last week’s assignment for your reference.

The region that I used is Africa.

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