HR Assignment

Hiring, compensation, and performance appraisal policies and practices are critical HR functions and play an important part in defining an organization as a whole. Making sound choices in these areas builds a foundation for an organization’s success. In this assignment, you prepare a presentation for hospital department managers focused on specified processes and practices topics.ScenarioImagine that it has become apparent that staffing changes will be required in the wake of the merger. The VP of HR has decided that it would be good to create a presentation for department managers that outlines approaches to facilitate some of these changes.PreparationPowerPoint EssentialsVisit the following LinkedIn Learning resources if you have not mastered the essentials of PowerPoint.Slide Design: For information on how to create effective presentations, visitPowerPoint for Teachers: Creating Interactive Lessons. Go to the section “Five Essentials for Designing Effective Slides.”Speakers Notes: “Use Speaker Notes in PowerPoint.”InstructionsCreate a PowerPoint slide presentation (approximately 5 minutes to deliver orally) for departmental managers that does the following:Analyzes two areas of critical importance for collaboration between HR and managers when making staffing decisions.Recommends a process and elements for creating effective job descriptions.Explains two prominent considerations for developing fair and competitive compensation and benefit plans.Justifies your recommendation for an appropriate employee performance appraisal methodology.

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