HRM Strategies

HRM Strategies.

HRM Strategies

Word Count: 2000 words

Style: APA

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No of References: 10-15

Select two large competing multinational organisations and gather evidence on the people management

philosophies and strategies of each to enable you to assess and compare the overall contribution of the

‘people resource’ in each to the organisation’s performance and success. It is suggested that, in selecting the competing organisations, you access the Fortune’s Most Admired Companies Listing in Google, The Data Monitor Report in the Business Source Complete and the Yahoo Finance or CNBC websites. Information on the selected companies may be obtained from the organisations’ websites, from case studies or by searching for articles on the organisations in texts and websites such as Glassdoor or Indeed.

In comparing the organisations’ performance, metrics such as their respective P:E ratios, their Revenue

per Employee and their Profit per Employee should be calculated and commented upon. All sources used must be fully referenced and a copy of the final report must be submitted via Turnitin.

The report grade is based on three components: (33%) breadth and depth of research; (33%) quality of

analysis; (33%) quality of presentation. The first component reflects the quantity and quality of material you find on the organization selected. Use as many sources as possible: newspapers, journal articles,

the websites etc. The second component reflects the coherence of your arguments and the

insightfulness of your analysis. The third component reflects the quality of your writing. For example, are thoughts well developed and presented in a logical order? Are spelling and grammar errors avoided? Are figures and tables clear?

HRM Strategies

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