HSA 4502-Risk Management

HSA 4502-Risk Management.


Chapter 2 

1. Explain Peer Review Privilege Statutes. 

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2. Describe Quality Monitoring Initiatives.

3. What is the Theory of Corporate Negligence? 

4. What is Early Warnings for Litigation? 

5. Describe a Post-Event Management & Media Relations.

Chapter 4 

1. Describe the Risk Management Department from Figure 4-2. List some of the Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats 

2. Define and briefly explain Risk Assessment, Risk Finance, and Risk Control abilities 

3. From Exhibit 4-2 list the major changes evident in the External Environmental Assessment 

4. Describe briefly the five Goals that support the critical success factors for healthcare organizations 

5. Describe briefly the five Strategic Initiatives and tactics.

Chapter 6 

1. Name the four-tiered the IOM report’s recommended 

2. Name the five duties in the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005? 

3. Define the ultimate goal of this act. Why do you think this act it is important?

4. What does the National Quality Forum pursuit?

5. Name the professional societies that are setting standards in order to improve patient safety (third tier) 

6. Name the purpose of the report created by AHRQ in order to evaluate Hospitals

HSA 4502-Risk Management

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