Hum final thoughts | Reading homework help


We’ve come to the end of the semester, so now it’s time to reflect on your experience in HUM 3460. What are your final thoughts? While you do not need to answer all of the questions below, use them to help focus your thinking:

  1. Of the topics covered this semester, which one or two did you find to be the most interesting? Explain your answer with specific example(s).
  2. How has your view of Latin America changed? Was the great Aztec Emperor Moctezuma right in his observation that ultimately we are all “flesh and bones, the same as you, and everybody . . . mortal and tangible?”
  3. In a few sentences, describe what you think was the take-away in this course?

Any other comments/thoughts?

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Submit a well-composed response by writing in the “Reply” section directly below this prompt. If you would like to reply to other people, write in the “Reply” section below their post. 


  1. Produce a substantial response to the given prompt (about 200 words)
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