Human R

Human R.

RESPOND about the strategies selected to implement for smoother termination.

According to Frick (2019) there are some steps that an employer can take to keep terminations both manageable and legally defensible. Describe 2–3 of these steps and suggest strategies the HRM professional might implement within the workplace to make smoother terminations. Provide workplace examples where possible

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Plan the meeting – the reason for this is to make sure you are not embarrassing them Infront of everyone at the workplace. Planning the meeting helps to get the information needed and making sure the reason they are being terminated is not biased but based on factual evidence. During this time is finding a place to hold the meeting and having a neutral person such as an HR representative to complete the termination is better because there is no bias. You also want to make sure you treat them with respect and dignity and trying not to make them feel uncomfortable about he whole situation. Some strategies the HRM professional might implement is confidentiality about the termination where no one should be talking about the termination. Having a designated office space  to complete the termination is a great help because you would know ahead of time where to have the meeting and you would not have to be looking for a place every time you have to let someone go.  At my old job you can see in the managers office and you can see who walks in there and leaves and never return without evening asking a question.

Having the proper paperwork – The reason for this is because you want to make sure that when you are giving the termination papers, they are correct, and you want to make sure that they are getting their last paycheck. This would include vacation, sick time, any hours they accrued when they were working. They also want to make sure that you are including retirement, insurance and any other form of benefits they were receiving. Another thing is to always spell check because and proofread before handing them any form of paperwork. The HR representative can make sure they have spoken to the employee’s manager before time, speak with the company lawyer before giving any type of paperwork to an employee that is being terminated. When they do have to call the employee in make sure someone is there with them and if you need security there with you as well, I would have that available to protect everyone in the room. Not broadcasting what is going on and keeping things confidential is very important.

Human R

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