Human Resource

Human Resource.

Activity 1: This activity is based on chapter 14.

1.1. After describing the methods for managing employee relations, which one(s) have been used in the company you work for, or you have worked for? Has that method been effective? Why? or Why not? How do companies become “Best companies to work for?”

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Activity 2: This activity is based on chapter 15.

2.1. Describe the main features of at least three major pieces of labor legislation. What is a grievance? What would you do to develop a grievance procedure?

Activity 3: This activity is based on chapter 16.

3.1. Explain the supervisor role in safety law and OSHA. How do you prevent accidents at work and how do you deal with them? How do you engage employees to improve workplace safety?

3.2.   A 315-foot-tall, 2-million-pound crane collapsed on a construction site in East Toledo, Ohio, killing four ironworkers. Do you think catastrophic failures like this are avoidable? If so, what steps would you suggest the general contractor take to avoid a disaster like this?

Human Resource

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