Human resource

Human resource. This assignment asks you to implement Lean Six Sigma tools in your home (or apartment) or your office, in daily life. Some ideas would be 5S in the laundry room, a Kanban system for your pantry to know when to shop for certain foods, a shadow board for the silverware drawer, color coded storage boxes (red and green for Christmas items), a tennis ball in the garage to poke-yoke the parking position, etc.

Indm 5130 Lean and Quality Management or Engt 5580 Quality Systems Engineeringg is a pre-requisite course of Indm 6580 and we studied a number of quality and LSS tools/techniques from IndM 5130/Engt 5580. If you do not remember some of these tools, please go back and read from your course textbook. In addition, IndM 6580 course textbook, Part IV Quality Management Tools, pages 313-428, cover all the details of basic-advanced quality tools, LSS tools, and problem solving techniques.

Students will submit 2-3 pages write up of the project (s) (Times NR, font 12, single space) including pictures before and after your implementation. If it is a very small project, you can have 2-3 projects in this assignment. Your writing should include the follows:

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  • Project (s) name – for example pantry makeover, Poka Yoke and parking position, 5S in laundry room, organizing tools with shadow board.
  • Brief definition and some details of your selected LSS tools
  • Challenges that were experienced and how you overcame them.  How dramatic was the before and after?  Include data on the impact of the improvement (square footage saved, inventory reduced, etc.).
  • Pictures of before and after your implementation
  • References (if any)

Human resource

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