HUS1480 St. Petersburg College HIV Research paper


This is the teachers Requirements for the paper for class HUS1480 HIV/AIDS Drug Crisis –

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I live in Pinellas County Florida.

Research information on the services available in your community (Pinellas, Hillsborough, etc.)
for persons who are HIV positive or diagnosed with AIDS, and, or also struggle with


issues. Choose one agency and respond to the following information:

1 The name of organization or support group providing services

2. Identify the patient population and describe the services provided

3. Describe services that may or may not be provided for the patient’s family
a) examples: Family counseling? Financial support? Medication?

4. Provide a list of fees that the agency charges for services

5. Describe how the agency fees are assessed -(sliding scale, insurance coverage, free)

Please number your responses. I’m looking forward to what you find!


I have attached the Style guide on how to format the paper. Here is the information again, below –

**This teacher does not allow us to use words like didn’t or can’t – Instead use Did not / Can not.

All assignments submitted in HSC program courses (Upper-Division Courses with prefix HSC, HSC, HUS, and RET) must use APA 6th edition editorial style. Some standards for this program may vary slightly from the APA format. This style guide provides a framework for using APA editorial style in the HSC program. If two standards are in conflict as you are formatting your assignment, this guide is the superseding document.

Basic Document Formatting

  1. Use HSC file naming conventions for all document submissions: course_assignment_lastname (i.e. HSA2001_timeline_smith).The course number will be different for each course.
  1. Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font (You may need to reset your default font both in the text area and in the header/footer area)
  1. Double space the entire assignment including the Title page and References page
  1. Margins should be 1″ on all sides of the entire length of your document, including the Title page and References page (This should already be the default setting).
  1. To reduce the need to reformat each time you prepare a document, set the font and margins as default settings on your personal computer.
  1. Place a running head and page number on each page, including the Title and References pages. The running head text must be flush left and the page numbers flush right.
  1. On the title page, the page header consists of the words “Running head” (Note: the R is capitalized, the h is not) followed by a colon and the title of paper all in CAPITAL LETTERS. Subsequent pages should NOT use the words Running head, but continue to use CAPITAL LETTERS. Subsequent pages do NOT contain the words Running head, but continue to use CAPITAL LETTERS.

Example – Running head: TITLE OF PAPER

  1. A maximum of four words is used for the running head (excluding the words, Running head) if your title is longer, use only the first four words of your title.
  1. The page number is only numerals 1, 2, 3 and so on.
  1. Do not include an abstract unless specifically asked for in the assignment directions.
  1. The Title page is the first page of the document. Center the information on the title page horizontally, double space, and place in the upper one-third of the page. Note: APA editorial style allows for institutions to determine content of title page—this is why ours includes the course name, and date. The title page must include the following in the following order; information belongs in the upper 1/3 of the title page:
  1. Assignment title in Upper and Lower Case – get creative – do not simply use the assignment name.
  2. Course Name and Number (i.e., Current Issues in Health – HSA 1102)
  3. Student Name
  4. Date (i.e., October 1, 2018)
  5. St. Petersburg College

Example –

HSC Style Guide

Current Issues in Health – HSA 1102

John Smith

October 1, 2018

St. Petersburg College

  1. Repeat the title of your paper at the top center of page 2. The header appears at the top left of the page and does not serve as the title on this page. Double space and begin your paper with appropriate paragraph indentations.
  1. Indent the first line of every paragraph one-half inch.
  1. Use two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. Use a single space after any other punctuation.
  1. Unless otherwise stated, ALWAYS include the assignment rubric – the rubric will help guide you in the development of your assignment. You do not need to include a rubric on discussion postings or PowerPoint Assignments.
  1. Your assignment can only be accepted in MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint format (unless specifically noted otherwise).Failure to submit in these designated formats may result in point deduction.
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