I need a few paragraphs on the below.

I need a few paragraphs on the below..

As it stands now, your company ; “Real Estate, Real Cheap” (or RERC) has 25 users and computers with some smart devices brought in by employees for work use. In the future, your boss hopes to expand the company greatly and maybe bring in up to 150 employees with computers for each more room for more smart devices. Right now, you have a Windows 2016 domain and all the PC’s that user have are clients in the domain. The boss tells you that you need to plan for everything happening within 6-12 months, but she wants the domain intact, just expanded for more clients and users. What are some Active Directory (AD) issues you would consider that will make this upgrade possible? Based on your reading and learning experience so far, what are some other considerations that come to mind with regard to this expansion?

Consider AD containers and accounts used, GPO’s, domain controller(s) needed, etc.

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I need a few paragraphs on the below.

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