I need help answering questions for a grant for my business

Questions     It don’t have to have to 250 words for the questions

 Unique Cocktails and More LLC   Individual questions

37.  Please elaborate on your biggest obstacle or challenge in two sentences or less.  

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41. Please elaborate on how you intend to use this grant funding. Be as specific as possible. Max 250 words. 

46.  Tell us more about you. Why did you become a small business owner? What is the origin story of your business? Please be as specific as possible. Max 250 words.

47. Tell us more about your business. What problem does your business seek to solve? Who are your customers and how does your business uniquely meet their needs? Please be as specific as possible. Max 250 words. *

48. Tell us more about where you’re headed. How will you maximize this $20,000 grant to meet your next milestone? Please be as specific as possible. Max 250 words. * 

49. How does your business connect with and support your community? Please be as specific as possible. Max 250 words. *

50. We want to hear what makes you proud of your business. What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment? Max 250 words. *




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