I submitted the attach document and below is what the professor


I submitted the attach document and below is what the professor want—-

Professor remarks

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Since you aren’t actually conducting field or laboratory research, this paper is just going to be a literature review. You are collecting information that is already out there, and reviewing studies done by others. You dont need other sections to your paper. Just organize appropriately.

You need to more effectively relate this entire paper to the topic you choose. And its fine if the topic has change since you have been doing research, but make it clear what your topic is from the beginning. revise this draft.


You will investigate a specific event in earth science that you personally find interesting. You will write 2 or 3 page paper about this event and present your findings during an assign class period.

the rough draft should be the first version of your completed paper. it should include citations and references.this step will not earn you and point, but is a valuable step in the writing process for those who take advantage

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