IEE Paper

IEE Paper.

Based on your own interest, choose a contemporary management issue. Locate four related peer-reviewed articles. Prepare a summary of your readings and IEE statements that tie your readings together as follows:

1. A summary of important ideas, theories, methods, results, and conclusions for each reading. No more than one page per reading (not submitted…for your own reference), using the template provided.

2. An integrative statement of the major themes, similarities, and differences that run though the articles you found for each module. This should synthesize, and not just summarize the summaries. No more than one page per set of readings.

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3. An evaluative statement of your perception of the state of the literature on the topic. A critical evaluation, not just a summary of the summaries. No more than one page per set of readings.

4. An extension statement, outlining future research directions (including theoretical directions) for each module. This should be creative and flow from your extension statement. No more than one page per set of readings. Questions it should address could include:

  • Where does the research need to go?
  • What are unanswered questions that should be addressed?
  • What are the implications for the field?

IEE Paper

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