IFSM 305 disc response

IFSM 305 disc response.

Since the chiropractic practice has gone through the arduous task of choosing an electronic health records system, the next step is to understand the terms of the proposed contract before signing. The practice can choose to negotiate the terms of the contract offered by the company. The practice should enlist the services of a healthcare attorney and healthcare consultant. Some of the things that the chiropractic practice needs to address before signing the contract may include:

1. The practice should clearly identify who owns the data. The practice should own the data (National Learning Consortium, n.d.).

2. The practice should ensure that the EHR fosters interoperability, integration and third-party interface which will facilitate continuity of care (National Learning Consortium, n.d.).

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3. The cost of the new system. The new system should increase revenue by providing improved billing practices and improved efficiency. The practice should ensure that the company provides them with a clear list of fees and the services that are offered for the listed fees in order to avoid any unwelcome surprises during implementations (Texas Medical Association, n.d).

4. The practice should ensure that there are provisions in place in the event that they terminate their services. The provider should ascertain how data will be accessed and transferred in the case that they choose a new EHR system (National Learning Consortium, n.d.).

5. One of the most important things that the clinic should ensure that they do is to make sure that the vendor complies with HIPAA requirements and that they provide the necessary modifications at no extra cost to the clinic (National Learning Consortium, n.d.). 

6. The vendor agreement should spell out the hours of training that will be provided (National Learning Consortium, n.d.). When a new system is implemented, employees must be properly trained before the new system goes live.

According to the attached link, it will cost $259 per month to use the new EHT, in addition, to this monthly payment, there is a one time fee for setup, training, and conversion of data.


National Learning Consortium. (n.d). Contracting guidelines and checklist for electronic health record (EHR) vendor selection. Retrieved from https://www.healthit.gov/resource/nlc-contracting-guidelines-and-checklist-ehr-vendor-selection

Texas Medical Association. (n.d.). EHR buyer beware: Issues to consider when contracting with EHR vendors. Retrieved from


Answer the following questions to the above response of your classmate.

  1. Comment on the selected implementation (on-premise or cloud-based) and whether you believe is a correct and appropriate explanation was provided.
  2. Comment on the completeness and correctness of the explanation of the implementation consideration, explaining your comments.
  3. Provide at least one additional statement relating to the consideration and the implementation of the ChiroTouch system.  (You should use different statements for each of your response postings.)

IFSM 305 disc response

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