I’m working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help me

 I’m working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.

I. Memo (correctly formatted as a memo (Links to an external site.): about 1 full page, broken into short topical paragraphs, single-spaced). This component is intended to be completed at the end of the assignment. Please reply to these two prompts, in addition to any other context you’d like to provide about the assignment:

  1. Describe your general approach to the assignment and how/why you edited the document following peer review (include both your peer reviewers’ names (first & last) and describe exactly what they suggested and how you addressed those issues in your subsequent drafts. Whether or not you chose to include suggestions offered by your peer reviewers, explain why).
  2. Explain what you learned about your own writing/approach to the assignment by reviewing your peers’ work.

II. Three Audience Analyses (100-150 words each; 300-450 words total – these are strict word limits): Identify three different rhetorical contexts that you are or have recently been a part of. These can be jobs, internships, clubs and/or committees, etc. Ideally these will come directly from your resume and cover letter activity.

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  • These CANNOT be classes you’ve taken/are taking for which you’re only role is/was as a student. We are, after all, in a “Professional” writing course, in which one of our goals is to begin thinking beyond the confines of the classroom.
  • Nevertheless, if you happened to be a lab or teaching assistant for a certain course, you may use that context. For example, if you took ENES100 last semester, you cannot use that. However, if you took ENES100 a couple of semesters ago, and last semester you served as a teaching fellow, then you can use that. For each description, identify:
  1. a) the name of the company/organization/committee/etc and what they do/are responsible for/etc;b) your title within the company/organization/committee/etc and your role/responsibilities; andc) a summary of the other people/titles/organizational hierarchy, along with their roles and responsibilities.

III. Three Extended Definitions, each according to the format linked here (Links to an external site.) (200-300 words each; 600-900 words total – these are strict word limits) – For each of your three chosen audiences/rhetorical contexts, you will create an extended definition in which you define one of the terms provided in the following sections, tailoring each definition for the specific needs/competencies/etc of each of your three audiences/rhetorical contexts.


As discussed, you are to choose just one (1) of the following terms that you will then define/tailor for each of your three audiences/rhetorical contexts. If you are unfamiliar with the terms, be sure to research online in order to fully understand. You MAY NOT choose your own term; it must come from the list below. In the end, you are encouraged to be creative in order to tailor your definition to your different audiences.

Terms (Choose one)

  • Cloud Computing
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Blended Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Malware
  • A/B testing
  • Native advertising
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Cochlear Impact
  • Community Policing

Requirements: 4 pages

Attached is an example of the assignment

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