In this exercise, you create a program for the sales manager at

In this exercise, you create a program for the sales manager at Computer Haven, a small business that off ers motivational seminars to local companies. Figure 7-59 shows the charge for attending a seminar. Notice that the charge per person depends on the number of people the company registers. For example, the cost for four registrants is $400; the cost for two registrants is $300. Th e program should allow the sales manager to enter the number of registrants for as many companies as needed. When the sales manager has fi nished entering the data, the program should calculate and display the total number of people registered, the total charge for those registrants, and the average charge per registrant. For example, if one company registers four people and another company registers two people, the total number of people registered is six, the total charge is $700, and the average charge per registrant is $116.67.

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