Incubator Final Activity

Incubator Final Activity.

Final Activity


The final activity is worth 200 points (an exam).  Please answer the following two questions and turn in to me by 5/7/19To receive full credit you must answer both questions and send to me by email.  There is no limit or maximum requirement as to how long this assignment needs to be, however, I would like to see that you give this assignment genuine thought. 

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  1. Would an Austin Community College small business incubator be valuable to you if you wished to start a small business in the future?  If yes, please explain why.
  •  If you decided to open a small business in the future, which of the following information would assist you to be more successful?  And why?
  1. Marketing/Sales
  • Social Media
  • Accounting
  • Meeting space to start a business
  • Networking/meet up space
  • Business Plan development
  • Other – please explain

I look forward to reading your thoughts. 

Incubator Final Activity

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