Individual activity & discussion using concepts from our textbook:

Step 1.     Gather the following materials together:

20 sticks of spaghetti (plain regular size)

1 yard (36 inches) of tape

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1 yard of string

1 regular size (not jumbo) marshmallow

Measuring tape

A camera to take a final picture and upload to Canvas

     Step 2. Then download the attached directions for the completion of this discussion board. Have fun!

The Marshmallow Challenge.pdf


I have added a few questions for your discussion post (and post the picture) here:

     Step 3. Post a short report from your experience that answers these questions:

What were some of the assumptions that you had going into this project (about this project, the process, the elements that you used to put this together)?

What happened? Share with us your step by step process- how did you do this? What did the members of your team do? What helped? What hindered?

      Step 4. Post your picture of the structure here! (For adding a picture to discussions the best way is to save your photo (if it is not in this form already) as a jpg file or another photo format and upload it into your Files. ) 

Respond to two of your classmate’s experiences and tell them what you think may have made a difference in their process or the success or failure of their structure. We are all going to have different structures so don’t be shy-we can learn from each other.

You should be able to attach your picture to this since we made a few changes (Canvas changes sorry!) so get the picture loaded. I am looking forward to it! 

Yes you can find more information about this online but in the interest of group fun and your learning please DO NOT search online at this point for more information. This is not a competition between students or teams-you won’t get more points if your structure is tallest. I want you to experience working with a team and reflect on your initial experience with the communication as you did the activity.

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