Individual behavior and decision-making

Individual behavior and decision-making.

Instructions: Complete the following questions, which are worth 5 points each. 
Seek to apply what you have learned from the chapters, and what you learned completing the self-assessments.

Write 3-5 sentences per question.

Chapter 3

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  1. Describe how the “big five” personality attributes might affect you own behavior in dealing with colleagues (superiors, peers, & subordinates).
  • What stereotypes do you form about people? Are they good or bad?
  • As a manager, how would you go about trying to make someone a better organizational citizen?
  • Analyze your Cross-Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Exercise.  What were 2 areas where you feel you have strong cross-cultural awareness, and 2 areas where you feel you can improve.  What are some steps you can take to improve these areas?
  • Reflect on all three self-assessment exercises.  As you compared your answers to others in your group, what surprised you?  Were there any themes or conceptual patterns did your group synthesize from your individual results?

Chapter 8

1.     Some have argued that people, not organizations, make decisions and that the study of “organizational” decision making therefore is pointless. Do you agree with this argument? Why or why not?

2.     Can you think of a time when you satisficed when making a decision? Have you ever suboptimized?

3.     Describe a situation in which you experienced escalation of commitment to an ineffective course of action. What did you do about it? Do you wish you had handled it differently? Why or why not?

4.     How comfortable or uncomfortable are you in making risky decisions?

5.     Do you consider yourself to be relatively more or less creative? Recall an instance in which you made a discovery using the four phases of the creative process.

Individual behavior and decision-making

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