Inequality and an inequity

Inequality and an inequity.

NO PLAGARISM!!!! Please follow ALL instructions

You have been tasked  by your upper management team to give a presentation to   your peers on heath  disparities and inequalities. In this assignment, you will   create a PowerPoint  presentation to evaluate the impact of commonly accepted     business principles  used to create an equitable healthcare system. Your     presentation should include  discussion on the following topics:

  • definitions   and examples,
  • ethical   differences between an inequality and an inequity,
  • populations   involved,
  •    ways   to reduce or eliminate health inequalities, and
  • business   principles and ethical theories involved.

Your presentation  must be at least five slides in length, not counting   the   title and reference  slides. Each slide should have at least 100 words of     speaker notes per slide in  the notes section within PowerPoint (this is not on    the slide).

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You must use a  minimum of five resources, including your textbook. Adhere     to APA Style when  constructing this assignment, including in-text citations    and  references for all  sources that are used.

Inequality and an inequity

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