Inequality for All Film Analysis

Inequality for All Film Analysis.

5-6 pages (25 points)

For this assignment students will need to view the film Inequality for All and actively note take. Please follow general formatting guidelines found in your syllabus and spend ample time organizing your ideas to ensure you are engaging with the content thoughtfully.  Students will need to conduct additional research on the various viewpoints presented in the film to gain a greater understanding of the complexities involved.   Please cite all sources using APA guidelines.

Film Overview 

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 Questions to Consider:

What are the main ideas found in the film?  Whose perspectives are being framed? How is this different from other information you have heard about social class in America? What parts of the film were most relatable to the content found in our course?  Do you believe the filmmakers presented the topic in a manner that is fair to all sides? Was the content consistent with your perceptions of social class in America? Where have you previous received your information on social class issues? What parts of the film were surprising to you?  Why is it getting harder and harder for the middle class to survive?

Digging Deeper:

Provide additional resources to support your responses and cite all sources.

Opponents of the film have tried to label Reich as a communist/socialist/Marxist.  Why do you believe they chose these particular labels?

 Reich says “The question is not inequality per se; the question is when does inequality become a problem?”. In your own words when do you think inequality becomes a problem?

Reich asks, “How much inequality can Americans tolerate and still have a functioning democracy?  What do you see as the relationship between inequality and democracy?


Visit the following website: and complete the simulation.

  • What job did you choose?
  • What was the most difficult choice(s) you had to make when it came to expenses?
  • What was your emotional state as the game progressed?
  • Did any of the facts that popped up on the screen as you played surprise you?
  • Did you ever reach out to friends for help? Why or Why not?
  • Were there any scenarios that would have really bothered you had you actually made that choice?  How do you think this impacts one’s psychology?
  • What did you learn from playing this game?

Inequality for All Film Analysis

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