Informatics: Introduction to Concepts and Health Information Technologies

Informatics: Introduction to Concepts and Health Information Technologies. Introduction and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to provide for reflection on the course experience. Reflection is helpful in assimilating current learning with previous knowledge and experience. Reflection papers are designed for you to consider what new or interesting topics have been encountered during the course as well as how they may have been challenging to you.
The paper may be written using the third person singular. You will need to address 3 topics in your paper. Use the template Reflection_Template.docx to help organize the content. A reflection paper should show how you integrate the selected topics into your thinking and personal experience or future practice. Reflection may be used to illustrate your understanding of the material. References are required.
The assignment should follow APA style. Use APA style formatting including citations and the reference list. The paper should be at least 2 pages double spaced word-processed, using Times Roman 12 point font, not counting the title page and reference list. Each of the three topics should have a maximum length of one page in the paper. The must be submitted by the posted due date.
Discuss the Following Three Topics
• Is informatics relevant to nursing and your role as a master’s prepared nurse?
• Address any preconceptions or misconceptions that you had at the beginning of the course and have the preconceptions or misconceptions been resolved at completion of the course.
• What specific informatics competencies did you acquire during the semesters? Review the AACN Essentials and QSEN Competencies for informatics competencies.
• References are required (a minimum of 5 references)
Your reflection paper should include:
• An introduction to nursing informatics including a definition of nursing informatics.
• Introduce the purpose of your paper and the three topics that you select to discuss.
• Include in your initial response about the course, preconceptions or misconceptions that you may have had if appropriate, and if they have changed during the course. Describe/explain how you integrate the topics into your thinking, personal experience, and future nursing practice as master’s prepared. Goals/competencies that you planned to achieve during the semester.
The Introduction should be a minimum of 150-200 words.
• The body of the paper should provide more detail about your selection of each of the three topics. For section titles, do not use “Body”. Instead, use:
o Topic 1: Description of topic
o Topic 2: Description of topic
o Topic 3: Description of topic
• Each of the three topics should be approximately 1 page or about 500 Demonstrate your understanding of the significance or application of the selected topic, beginning with a definition of the topic. Include a statement of what you have learned the topic, its application to future work, practice or life pursuits?

Informatics: Introduction to Concepts and Health Information Technologies

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