Information architecture assignment | Information Systems homework help

One page 500-590 words 

This assignment aims to apply your learning from Module 1 and 2. You will evaluate a webpage of your interest to identify all the major elements of the information architectures in terms of Organization System, Labeling System, Navigation System, and Search System (see Chapter 6-9 in Rosenfeld, et al. book).

Before you apply the guidelines to a webpage you would like to evaluate, you have to select a webpage with the following components to meaningfully evaluate their information structure & architecture.

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  1. Does the website contain information & content (e.g., text, description) for an intended group of audience?
  2. Does the website contain enough layers/structures so that you can assess the 4 major elements and allow search query?

Examples of a website that is not suitable for this assignment:

Examples of website that is suitable for this assignment (you can use these if you don’t want to identify one):

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