Information techology algorithms | Cosc 1301 | Texas A&M University–Central Texas


Think of three simple tasks where you believe the sequence of instruction matters.  Is there a way to modify it to where sequence doesn’t matter?   Find steps in each task where the sequence can be changed and still achieve the desired outcome.  Write out the original and modified algorithms AND pseudocode for each task. Write a short paragraph for each task describing the changes in sequence.

Minimum requirements:

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  • A minimum of one paragraph for each of the three tasks (three paragraphs total).
  • Two algorithms and two pseudocode statements for each of the three tasks (6 algorithms and 6 pseudocode statements total)
  • Submit only one document via the link title above.
  • Use paragraph structure. Use complete sentences and proper grammar and spelling.
  • Include a cover page that contains your name, the assignment name, and the course code from page two of the syllabus.
  • Your document must be one of the following formats (.doc, .docx, or .rtf).
  • Cite any and all sources
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