Input And Input Enhancement

Input And Input Enhancement. Directions:

The following essential questions that I have posted are critical to help you explore and understand the assigned readings in W Ch.3, 4 and 5 during Week 7.  These questions are intended to drive and stimulate the discussion and move your understanding beyond the plain sense of the text. Reading my PPT and watching the posted videos will guide you to answer these questions.

Please select two  question out of these posted essential questions in these three chapters

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Responses should:

· Be coherent;

· Be posted in the time allotted;

· Be respectful;

· Be scholarly

The following question is based on W Ch.3:

· According to the texts in Ch.3 and your language teaching and learning experience, how can we as educators assist English language learners in learning and acquiring English  in a more effective way through making input comprehensible? Please include a teaching/learning example.

The following question is based on W Ch.4:

· After learning about input flood, how effective do you think it would be in your classroom? Use examples to explain your answer.

The following question is based on W Ch. 5:

· Regarding implementing textual enhancement in the L2 classroom, what role is textual enhancement expected to play in a given lesson? And how can we as teachers ensure the effect of textual enhancement for the classroom instruction?

· Useful Videos

Input And Input Enhancement

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