Insider attack , cryptogrraphy, password policy


Write minimum 600 words for each of the three questions given below. All questions are of equal value (25 marks each). You should provide credible references for each question according to the Faculty guidelines. Although there is no rigid maximum word limit, around 850 words maximum, per question will be appropriate.

Topic 1 – Introduction to Information Security

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Question 1

Insider attacks are launched by malicious users who are entrusted with authorized access of a system.

Research the issue of Insider Attack in the context of cybersecurity and report your findings. Your report should include the following details: what Insider Attackmeans; motivation; types of insider attacks; and detection mechanisms. Incorporate appropriate diagrams and examples in your answer.

Topic 2 – Cryptography

Question 2

Compare and contrast the concepts of hashing and encryption.  You may use the following criteria for comparison: Description, popular algorithms, applications, strengths, limitations (if any) and also recent research trends. Incorporate appropriate diagrams and examples in your answer.

Topics 3 & 4 – Network Security fundamentals 1 & 2

Question 3

The following link presents a guide for Windows 10 hardening from the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD):

Present an analysis of the Password Policy given in this document. Also justify the priority level used for the Password Policy.


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to explain fundamental information security concepts.
  • be able to discuss and debate some of the security implications of computer networks, including cryptography.

Marking criteria and standards

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100% – 85%
84% – 75%
74% – 65%
64% – 50%
49% – 0

Able to apply theories and concepts to analyse IT security implications

Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of the relevant IT security perspectives. Correct application of the theories and concepts through indepth discussion, providing highly relevant real world examples.

Demonstrated clear understanding of the relevant IT security perspectives. Correct application of the theories and mostly comprehensive analysis with suitable examples.

Correct application of the IT Security perspective and  mostly comprehensive analysis with suitable examples.

Mostly correct application of the IT security perspective; includes reasonable level of analysis. Some omission.

Major omissions in the application of the IT security concepts and the analysis.

Demonstrates application of research skills through the critical analysis and evaluation of relevant literature

Literature and sources presented is evidence of high level application of research skills; with comprehensive and critical appraisal of the literature and discussion of theory supported by sources in addition to those recommended in the course content. Referencing style has no mistakes.

 Clear evidence of research relevant to the subject; able to critically appraise the literature and theory gained from a variety of sources.  Referencing style correctly used.

Clear evidence of research relevant to the subject; uses indicative texts identified.  Referencing style correctly used. Minor omissions only.

 Some evidence of research.  Some mistake in referencing style.

Either no evidence of literature being consulted or cited references irrelevant to the assignment set.

Written communication is scholarly in tone and purpose, and conforms to scholarly writing requirements.

The tone and style is exemplary, and is appropriate to the content of the scholarly review.

Mostly Fluent writing style appropriate for the assignment with accurate grammar and spelling.

Mostly fluent writing style appropriate for the assignment with mostly accurate grammar and spelling. Minor omissions only.


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All sources of information must be appropriately referenced using the APA style ( )

there are slides available in the files section to get fromm those as well

NOTE it has to be submit on the turnitin so do the work that is not going to catch for plagiarism.

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