INSS300 UBALT Major Excelsheet Assignment Project


This assignment comprises 15% of your total course grade. It is therefore very important that you start working on it early and complete it carefully.

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Two Excel assignments are attached here — a practice assignment, and the actual assignment. Both are based on a common Excel data file called ORDERS_Truncated.xlsx, which is also attached.

For the practice assignment, there is a step-by-step walkthrough with instructions and screenshots. [ [ [ [ [The walkthrough is available at this location] ] ] ] ] (opens pop-up window). Alternatively you may copy and paste the following link (

The actual assignment closely mirrors the practice assignment, and is not accompanied by detailed instructions. It is highly recommended that you first complete the practice assignment in order to smoothly complete the ACTUAL assignment

Please submit ONLY the ACTUAL Excel assignment in the form of two attachments here — your .xlsx Excel file and your Word report.

Do NOT submit the practice assignment.

Work not deemed original will receive no credit. Submissions in any other formats will not be graded. A Word report unaccompanied by an Excel file will not be graded.


  • 10% will be deducted for each day past the deadline.
  • 70% will be deducted for a week late.
  • Assignments will not be accepted after a week.
  • There will be no make-up assignments if you fail to submit this assessment.
  • There will be no exceptions to the above rules.

Additional resources for assignment are attached below

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