Instruction assessment # 1 instructions: in the “learn” section for


Instruction Assessment # 1 Instructions: In the “Learn” section for Module 2, there is a bank of peer-reviewed journal articles of recent research in the field of literacy. Select one of the articles and write a summary/critique. Your summary of the article should be approximately 1 to 2 pages and include the following elements: Researcher(s)’ names and date of publication Topic and research question(s) Research study design Subjects (including n=) Intervention (if applicable) Instrument (if used) Analysis Findings Theme(s)/Topic(s) Implications Your critique should be 1-1 to 2 pages and include the following elements: Your critique (evaluation) of the article (with evidence) should include answers to the following questions. How was this article beneficial/not beneficial to literacy education? What, if any, confirmations or contradictions to literacy research or practices were presented? How could this research be incorporated into the literacy education community (Pre-K to HE)? How does this research connect to your textbook and your literacy practices? Assessment # 2 Construct a statement in which you highlight your approach to teaching literacy. List three teaching activities (literacy) that would fit in with your philosophy. Initial posts will be assessed on the written statement in terms of depth of thought, completeness, clarity, and the degree to which the suggested activities fit in with your approach. The paperwork has to be down in 09/06/20 Thank you 

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