Integration of Faith

Integration of Faith.

Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Instructions

You will write a 6–8-page paper (excluding title page, abstract, and reference/end materials) that answers each of the questions listed below. The answers must be comprehensive, substantive, and written at the graduate-level. The paper is to be written using current APA format. Use each question as a Level 1 Heading in the paper. The sub-questions are to be used as Level 2 Headings.

  1. Brief Introduction to the nation selected (1–2 pages minimum)
  2. What are the major religion(s) in the nation (2 page minimum)?
    1. Describe how each major religion defines its worldview.
    1. Describe how this differs from the Christian worldview.
  3. How might the above items impact a Christian manager/leader working in that nation (1–2 pages minimum)?
  4. How might a Christian manager/leader prepare to address these differences while working in that nation (1–2 pages minimum)?

Integration of Faith

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