Interface Evaluation Excercise

Interface Evaluation Excercise.

 Pick a software application, mobile application, or website and complete a heuristic evaluation of the site. Use the tool extensively while evaluating for all of the benchmarks from pages 501 to 502 (section 15.2.1) of the text. 

Describe your findings in great and explicit detail. Your report should be submitted in Moodle as an MS Word document by the deadline. Your report should reflect excellent, graduate level writing, professional presentation, and correct formatting (APA). It should not be comprised of a list bullet points. Graphics may be added if they will enhance or bring clarity to your report. All figures should have correct APA in-text citations and those citations should have matching bibliographic references on the reference page. All work should be in well-structured sentences and organized into thoughtful paragraphs. For each benchmark, two specific examples how the interface/system meets or fails to meet the benchmark should be described. One paragraph per benchmark example is adequate. For purposes of the is assignment, a paragraph should consist of 3-5 sentences. The assignment should be double spaced and adhere to all the document formatting expectations described in the course syllabus. 

The following is a sample of what I would expect to observe for your submission. Of course, you will include a title page and, if needed, a reference page, headers, page numbers, etc. Visibility of system status: The system meets this criteria well. 

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Example 1: A heuristic evaluation of revealed that the firm has designed their site relatively well regarding visibility of system status. An example of this can be observed when a user clicks on the “Add to Cart” button from a product page. After clicking the button either a notice pops up affording the user the opportunity to add a warranty (for electronic devices) or a new page is loaded that show the success/failure of the system to add the item to the cart, the cart subtotal, and an option to view the cart, check out, or continue shopping. This “keeps the user informed” and provides “feedback within [a] reasonable time” (Preece, Rogers, Sharp, 2015, p. 501). 

Textbook: Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction 4th Ed. By Preece, Rogers, and Sharp (ISBN: 978-1-119-02075-2)

Interface Evaluation Excercise

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