International sales

International sales.

This assignment needs three articles, one on Globalization, Outsourcing and cultural differences, one on each page for a total of 3 pages. 

These three news articles should be written by journalists for publication in newspapers or on news, websites (cannot be blogs or commercial sites).

Each of the 3 articles should give (one topic per page for a total of 3 pgs).

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1. Summary and Overview of the issue

2. Compare and contrast the perspective on the issue. How are the articles similar or different on how they expose the issues? What are the explicit and implicit issues?

3. Taking from the emergent literature (only journal articles or textbook), what are some of the implications and recommendations for conducting international business.

4. Write at least two questions that can be exposed (still without an answer) from analyzing this issue. These inquiries can be questions/issues that you were not able to answer or understand. Clarify where or how do you believe you can obtain this information. Mention specific sources (do not simply say, “Searching on the Internet”).

Responses should be analytical, and should not just provide a conclusion or an opinion without explaining the reason for the choice.

International sales

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