Interview process | Education homework help

  1. Based on your learning in this course, address the following discussion questions.   Be sure to cite evidence from the course readings as applicable.
    1. In an interview for administrator, what questions do you anticipate being asked?  Please provide at least three questions you anticipate or or know of in speaking to your mentor.
    2. In addition to traditional questions, many positions require a performance-based task as part of the interview process.  These tasks are typically separate from the traditional panel interview and require you to show your knowledge of the position.  Interview your mentor or another administrator and share examples of performance-based tasks they have encountered.  
    3. How will you project confidence and competence during your interview.  Share specific examples.  

Required Readings: See attachment

Recommended (Optional) Readings:
Hopkins, G. (2008). Interviewing for the Principalship: Tips from Principals. Retrieved from to an external site.

Keany, M. (2012).  Interviewing for the Principalship: Nine Possible Questions.  Retrieved from to an external site.

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Young, P. (2012). Landing Your First Principalship. Retrieved from to an external site.

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