Interview Questions for an eyewitness

  • Evidence is anything that can be used to gain knowledge or facts about accidents. The four types of evidence are referred to as the Four P’s; physical, paper, people and photographic. Physical evidence is any hardware and/or solid material related to an accident. Paper evidence is any written documentation related to the accident. People evidence is gathered from people usually in the form of statements or interviews. Photographic evidence is media that can document the scene and transfer knowledge. We will be focused on people evidence for this assignment.interview
  • Assignment


    Develop the interview questions The questions should be open-ended and require more than an yes or no answer. Do not place blame. It is not your job to distinguish fact from fiction during this interview. Please submit a list of questions for the witness of your accident scenario. You should have a minimum of 10 questions, but more if you feel it is necessary to get the whole story.

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