Introduction and Hypothesis Lab

Introduction and Hypothesis Lab.

Introduction and Hypothesis Lab

For this lab, you will practice conducting a literature review and analysis as well as writing an introduction section.

You were assigned to read three articles: Hartwig & Dunlosky (2012); Karpicke et al. (2009); and Roediger & Karpicke (2006). These three articles should be supplemented by an additional two journal articles that you find by researching the literature. You will fill out a summary chart about each of the articles and then translate your five articles into a mini-introduction section that culminates in at least one testable hypothesis.

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Basic Mini-Introduction Section Outline:

  1. Lead-in Paragraph
    1. Set-up the problem – what overall broad topic is being studied and why is it important?
  2. Topic #1
    1. Here, set up the broadest topic for which you have evidentiary support
    1. Identify an area to look into more specifically to transition into Topic #2
    1. A good topic paragraph typically includes the following elements:
      1. Introduction
        1. Transition that links current paragraph’s ideas to previous one
      1. Body
        1. Makes a clear point with a series of linked ideas/studies.
        1. Paragraphs should focus on one idea/argument
      1. Conclusion/Implication
        1. Transition that leads to or sets up next idea
  3. Topic #2
    1. Present the evidence to support this topic and explain how it furthers our understanding of Topic #1
    1. Use this topic to narrow onto the focus of the hypothesis you wish to test
  4. Conclusion paragraph
    1. Present purpose of current research study
      1. What has past research focused upon
      1. Point out holes in past research or how your research in next logical step
      1. What your study will do to address this issue
    1. Present research hypotheses and justify – e.g., “given x, it is believed y”

We will fill in some of this outline as a class.

This assignment will be graded based on the following elements:

  • Article summary chart (5 pts)
    • All squares are completely and accurately filled in (4)
    • Two additional peer-review journal articles are completed (1)
  • APA Format (10 pts)
    • Running head and page numbers are present, and properly formatted. (2)
    • Cover page is properly formatted and includes all necessary information. (2)
    • Font, margins, and spacing follow proper APA guidelines.  (2)
    • References are properly formatted and ordered. (4)
  • Introduction (35 pts)
    • At least five relevant articles are discussed in an appropriate level of detail. (8)
    • The aims of the current study are clearly linked to the existing body of literature. (10)
    • The hypothesis is stated clearly and explicitly at the end of the Introduction. (7)
    • In-text citations are properly utilized, positioned, and formatted. (5)
    • The writing is clear and free from spelling, grammatical, and mechanical errors. (5)

Introduction and Hypothesis Lab

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