Invention Power Point Presentation

Invention Power Point Presentation.

Put together a Powerpoint presentation about a new product you have invented (any new product you prefer) and submit it to this link.

Include slides on all of the 4 P’s. Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion and Price
Include a slide on your target market.
Include a slide on your main competitors. 

Include what company you would have produce your product and what is the mission statement of that company.

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Include a slide citing your sources in MLA format.  You will be graded on the extent and quality of the research you did for this presentation.  The Marketing Plan Outline and Marketing Plan Example provided in the first week of this course will assist you with this assignment.

The more organized detail you provide in your slide presentation the better chance your professor will have to evaluate your understanding of the marketing ideas and concepts in the text.

Invention Power Point Presentation

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