Investment Rating V. Junk Are Ratings Still Relevant or Accurate

The assignment is to write a 1,000 word paper on the topic listed above. You must use 3 professional sources (no wiki or ~pedias) and follow APA format (title page, running head, citations, references). The 1,000 words are from the body of your text and do not include your references. Please read the syllabus for a more detailed description of the assignment. You may use your text as a source but it will not count toward your 3 source requirement. Your assignment must be posted in the discussion board and the Written Assignments folder/SafeAssign. Please, remember “zero plagiarism.”

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There is a video with 1 minute and 45 seconds regarding ” Investment Grade v. Junk.” I have try my best to upload it, but unfortunately I am unable to upload it.

According to the video “Investment Grade v. Junk.” The is all revolve around the “Default Risk.” The risk is borrowers may not pay the interest as they promised. Investment grade have lower levels of default risk while Junk bonds have higher levels of default risk.

This was just an idea about the video with 1 minute and 45 seconds I was talking about. Now, you’ll be able to find these information online: google, YouTube, “Except Wikipedia (I mean no Wikipedia is accepted)” etc…

Once again, that’s the question: Investment Grade v. Junk. Are ratings still relevant or accurate? Why or why not.

Please, check out the the instructions above. Thank you.

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