Israel: answer the questions | History homework help


Please read the attachment, and answer the following questions: 

1) What does the Holocaust have to do with an Israeli state?

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2) Based on their plan, what are UNSCOP’s primary concerns about the establishment of Israel?

3) In what ways do the two testimonies on UNSCOP’s proposals disagree? 

4) In the “Declaration”, how is the establishment of Israel justified?

5) Based on all of these readings, why do you think the Israeli-Palestinian situation has been so difficult? (This one does not need a quote. I want your reaction on why this has been a problem for the last 70 years). 

As with the previous assignments, include quotes from the text to support your answer. Be sure to explain HOW and / or WHY each quote supports your answer.  Please email me your papers by 6/19. 

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