: Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing


N490: Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing

Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing analyzes the impact of economic, demographic and technological forces on health care delivery, and the concerns relating to ethical, legal, and social issues that influence nursing practice. A historical background gives perspective to current nursing problems, and future trends are considered in terms of their impact on roles and practice. Issues impacting professional nursing are examined within a framework set forth by the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) five core competencies on quality and healthcare. The potential transformation of nursing practice in response to societal changes will be explored as well as the new opportunities these challenges have for career development.

Course Learning Objectives (CLO)

After this course, your will be able to:

  1. Explain the dynamics of history that have formed the current image and affected the role of professional nursing. (PLG 1; UMBO 1,4)
  2. Describe challenges facing health care that impact the delivery of nursing care. (PLG 1; UMBO 1,4)
  3. Discuss the role of the professional nurse in ethical and legal issues related to health care. (PLG 1; UMBO 1,4)
  4. Assess the quality of health care as measured against the Institute of Medicine’s five core competencies. (PLG 1; UMBO 1,4)
  5. Adapt nursing practice in response to economic, demographic, and social forces. (PLG 2; UMBO 1,2,3)
  6. Identify strategies that promote the socialization of the nurse into a professional role. (PLG 1; UMBO 1,4)


  • NA

Professional Standards

  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 3: Scholarship for evidence-based practice
  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 4: Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology
  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 5: Healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory environments
  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 6: Inter-professional communication and collaboration for improving patient health outcomes
  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 7: Clinical Prevention and Population Health
  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 8: Professionalism and professional values
  • AACN Baccalaureate Essential 9: Baccalaureate generalist nursing practice
  • IOM Core Competency 1: Patient-centered care
  • IOM Core Competency 3: Evidence-based practice
  • IOM Core Competency 5: Informatics

Textbook Materials


  • Textbook: NA
  • American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. ISBN: 978-1433805615.

Additional Materials (optional):

  1. See the Getting Started Guide and Resources folder in the D2L Classroom.
  2. All assignments in this course have a rubric that will be used to score them, including a rubric for the discussion question. Students are advised to review the rubric available at the drop box prior to assignment submission.
  3. RN-to BSN Handbook

Course Structure and Calendar

Module 1: Building the Profession of Nursing Module 2: Stress and Burnout in Nursing Module 3: Technology and Tele-health Module 4: Mental Health in the Community/Public Module 5: Cannabis 101 for Nurses Module 6: Cultural Competence in Nursing Module 7: Healthcare and Violence Module 8: Future of Nursing

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