IST 378-01 Problem Solving and Risk Management.


The project is designed to give you an in-depth teamwork experience with any topic in Problem Solving and Risk Management. The requirement is to prepare an at least 20-page technical paper and a 20-23 minutes PowerPoint presentation, to be given to the class. The technical paper and presentation should reflect the problem, the context, the current best practice, the architecture, and the state of art in Problem Solving and Risk Management.


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Groups of four students are to be formed. Each group will jointly define its project. While each project should be an integrated group effort, i.e. there is a single deliverable; you should identify both  in  your  project  proposal  and  final  report  what  part  of  the  project  each  group  member  is responsible for.


This is a course in a business school and the project subject matter should be business oriented and presented in acceptable management format, i.e., you are presenting the final project to your boss.


To ensure the quality and progress of the group work, each group need to do at least the following:

•   Group members select a group leader and clearly define the role and responsibility of all group  members.  Also,  the  group  leaders  will  oversee  the  communication  with  the instructor. Each group leader will be awarded one bonus point applied to the final grade.

•   Group members choose a topic for the project and create a milestone/schedule.

•   Submit the one-page project proposal in print.

•   Create  a  form  to  record  all  the  meetings  held  (e.g.,  time,  date,  and  place  of  meeting, member presented, agenda discussed, etc.). These forms will be included as the appendix of the final report.

•   Group peer evaluation will be conducted at the end of the course. The results from peer evaluation will be used to assess the contributions of each member. The grade of a group member would be adjusted lower if all the other group members give the group member a

very poor evaluation.

IV.       PROJECT OUTCOMES Project Proposal

•   A one-page project proposal in Word format outlining the project needs to be submitted to the instructor no later than April 17 (Tuesday), 2018. The proposal should at least cover

the following information: group organization indicating who the group leader is, a brief introduction  of  the  specific  topic  on  which  you  are  going  to  work,  and  tentative milestone/schedule of the project.

Project Presentation

•   In  the  last  three  sessions  of  the  quarter,  each  group  will  deliver  a  20-23  minutes presentation  on  the  project,  using  PowerPoint  and/or  other  presentation  tools.  Group participation is required.

Final Report

•   The final written report should be submitted to the instructor on June 12 (Tuesday), 2018.

The  report  should  be  in  APA  (American  Psychology  Association)  format.  The  report should be word-processed in Times New Roman 12 pt font and double spaced, with at least  20  double-spaced  and  numbered  pages  (with  1”  margins  on  all  sides),  excluding figures, tables, illustrations, and references. Fewer pages will result in points deduction. A cover page is required. The report should include the following:

o Course Information

o Group members with group leader indicated

o Abstract

o Introduction

o Main parts of the report

▪    the problem

▪    the context

▪    the state of art and the current best practice

▪    advantages and disadvantages

▪    recommendations

o Conclusion

o References (not counted for the length requirement of the report).


The final score for the project will be calculated based on the following grading policy:

•   Project Proposal:                     10%

•   In-class Presentation:              40%

•   Final Written Report:              50%

The term project and presentation will count as 20% of the total grade.

IST 378-01 Problem Solving and Risk Management

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