IT300 Virtual Lab Part 1: MATLAB Fundamentals and Amplitude Modulation

Objectives: Part 1 (section 1.0) of this virtual lab is intended to give the student a basic understanding of how to use MATLAB for fundamental math calculations and graph plotting. During section 1.0, the student will learn how enter and plot basic sinusoidal equations.

As you read through this procedure, you will find multiple choice questions appearing in blue text. You are required to answer these questions in a separate VLAB assignment which will appear in the VLAB folder. In addition, you will be asked to copy and submit plots that you create using MatLab. These will also be identified by blue text within the procedures. A document “plot submission” template will be available for you to paste requested copies for submission into the VLAB assignment.

Students are highly encouraged to change the values of variables during each part of the lab in order to observe changes in the signal plots.

Students will be given the basic MATLAB formulas to work with; however, students will need to modify the values of some variables so that signal plot changes can be observed. So while you do not need to write MatLab scripts, you will need to understand what the script is telling you and how it mathematically relates to analog modulation techniques.


– Complete Instructions and procedures are attached. This assignment is followed in steps which are provided, you are just to follow each step and answer few questions as they come up

– This assignment requires MATLAB application but you do not need to have it on your personal machine. We can access it thru virtual lab of the university…i will provide with the steps and login info

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