Job description

Job description.

Compensation experts and HR professionals create internally consistent job structures through TWO processes – job analysis followed by job evaluation.  This week’s discussion board activity is focused on job analysis.  The final team project (due at the end of the module) will more explicitly address job evaluation.

Directions: (slightly modified from the textbook so read carefully!!)

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Complete the “YOUR TURN” exercise at the end of Chapter 4 – “The Customer Service Agent”.


  1. Read the article on a day in the work life of Bill Ryan.
  2. **ADDED BY PROF BUCKMAN** Visit (Links to an external site.) and further research the job of “customer service representative”
  3. Based on information from BOTH of these sources, write a job description for the job of customer service agent.
    • **Use the exhibits in the chapter to guide you in deciding what information is relevant for job analysis / job description.**
    • Below the job description that you submit, answer the following questions: (this is where TEXTBOOK CITATIONS WILL BE NECESSARY)
  • do you believe you had enough information from these TWO sources to write an accurate job description?
  • what specific information from the diary was MOST important/useful to you?
  • what specific information from O*NET was MOST important/useful to you?
  • in an ideal world, what add’l sources of information would you request to improve the accuracy of the job description?

Job description

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