juvenile drug treatment courts | Criminal homework help

 The student should complete a well-written term project in APA style consisting of a minimum of ten pages.  This includes APA style cover sheet, running head, internal citations and reference list.  The student should write a paper on a specific juvenile residential or institutional correctional rehabilitation program or develop a preliminary juvenile rehabilitation program covering all of the areas and questions noted on the syllabus outline for this assignment. Each section should be titled accordingly, i.e. Introduction, History and Scope of the Program, Description of Specific Program Elements, Community Reintegration, Strengths and Weaknesses of the Program and Summary and Conclusions. It is vitally important that the student do the needed research to answer and address each area mentioned in the syllabus regarding this project. The professor may be emailed as needed for any questions 

Topic Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts —Just like the Analysis Outline 

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