Using PowerPoint or Google Slides, you are to create a presentation appropriate for use with other educators or parents.  In this presentation you are to do the following:

  • Identify each student and the issue he or she is facing. You must use the four student profiles provided below.  Please DO NOT copy and paste the descriptions provided.  Rather, you should explain what you feel are the core issues each face after reading the description.
  • Identify the developmental impact of each issue.  How is the issue impacting the student in the classroom?  What does the teacher see that is interfering with learning?  You will need to include the research that is directly related to the issues and aligned to the developmental goals for the students. For example, you might include a statement such as  “According to Dr. I. M. Expert, cyber-bullying is detrimental to a student’s development because it makes students feel unsafe.” 
  • Research and provide resources that are directly related to the issue and are aligned to the developmental goals for students. These are resources a parent or teacher could use to learn more about the issue and how to address the impact of the issue.  These are resources that may be available in your community, such as food banks, language lessons for parents, etc. You may also choose to include resources that are available from federal, state, and local governments.  These are NOT the resources used in your research.
  • You will suggest supports teachers can use in the classroom to mitigate the impacts of the issue. 
  • Your presentation should be at least 11 slides long. You are expected to have an introductory slide, two slides per student,a closing slide, and a resource/bibliography page for the sources you use in the project.
  • The presentation must be your original work, and professional in its use of images, language and formatting. Use of another’s work will earn an automatic zero and may be grounds for dismissal from the program. 
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